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Unlimited duckweed at parents cottage


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I don't know about pp, but bleach will kill duckweed. Supposedly, you can kill it with chlorinated tap water. With all that duckweed, you can experiment to determine how much bleach or pp it can handle.

Get a kiddie wading pool or two for a duckweed tub. I clean it by multiple rinses -- dump a cup of duckweed in a bucket of pond water, swish it around and then scoop it out and into another bucket. Repeat until the rinse water is clean.

Really? I've never managed to kill it with cleaning methods. I must have gotten some bullet proof duckweed :lol:

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I'm not around much baby poop but I'd learn towards rotten compost. I threw most of it out already.

I can send you some and you can compare :tomuch:


If you want to know bad small try keeping black worms (aquatic worm cultured as fish food) and let them die off (they rot fast).. worst smell ever!  I would rather change bed pans/diapers at an elderly home then have to clean out a bin with dead black worms.

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