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Pardon Me While I Drool Over These Bettas


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Didn't see a thread for this, so wanted to make one: Where users can post photos of and pine/drool/whimper/whatever over bettas they've seen at the store/on ebay/on aqaubid/etc that they can't or are resisting the urge to buy.


These are from my local petco yesterday, take a guess at my favorite color ^^


A double tail plakat, has a sexy long dorsal fin! Poor thing already has diamond eye (scales growing over eyes-so partially blind)



Cute lil' blue marble crowntail.. not typically a crowntail fan but like him.


Metallic scale plakat, cellophane(clear) in fins will get taken over by red with time


Elepahtn ear plaakt ooo tempting


Another ee plaakt but hard to see (murky freaking cups), yes he is a light pastel hue


Double tail plakat mustard (notice i like plakats? ^^)


This poor boy has been here for MONTHS, he's not double tail, he's actually a delta, he's bitten his tail (probably going mad from being in that awful cut so long) stunning color still though, jsut not a fan of the spoon head-ed-ness




There is a reason i don't usually go into petstores anymore.. and its the 8 betta tanks I already have running from lack of will power x.x

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