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Hey all,


I live in an older building in Southern California, and as always, we've had a very hot summer. Inevitably, little creepy crawlies like to show up in the warmer months (read: cockroaches), but this year it's been particularly bad. I've tried sprays and traps, but I'm still seeing them and it's making me sick (not to mention makes me feel like I'm living in total filth, which is unfortunate because I keep my place very put together, clean, and tidy.


I think they are attracted to the tank and the stand -- I get it, it's dark and moist down there, and around that area. They also love my dog's water fountain. The fact that I have a 10g hospital tank on the floor in my living room I'm sure doesn't help matters.


It is to the point where I've finally contacted my property manager and have requested the pros to come in. I really want them to get close to the tank, as that is where a lot of them seem to hang out, but obviously I don't want to harm my fish. I've never witnessed an apartment de-bugging, so I'm not sure what it entails. Could I wrap the tank in a tarp or something and have them spray around the floor and areas around it? Is there any chance of it being safe to spray inside the stand (I'm guessing no, as the canister filter lives down there...but I suppose I could remove it, and swing the attachment levers/hoses up the the top of the tank temporarily)? On the off chance a cockroach got in the tank and my fish ate it, would that be bad? I am assuming by the time they get someone out here, that the hospital tank will be broken down.


I do have a lid for my tank that I normally leave off, but it is here and I have the option to put it on.


I'm not so much worried about my dog as I know most of the treatments out these days tend to be safe for our four-legged furry friends.


Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.

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The only thing I'd use around the tank is diatomaceous earth. It's not as effective on large hugs like cockroaches, I do t think. But it is safe for fish and a good antipest substance to try in the carpets and around the perimeter of the home (might be hard in an apartment but at least do the area they're coming in) to discourage further infestation.

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I actually went through the same thing last year, and have Orkin come to the house every other month because of that.

Initially I was very worried, but the exterminators actually KNOW how dangerous this stuff is to aquatic life.


But unless you need to bug bomb the entire house, they do only spot spray and put traps out. Just that their stuff is much better working than what you buy normally, so over time it really gets rid off the crawlies.


What I do when they come, I turn off my tanks, cover them with the lid, and then put large batch towels over the entire top of the tanks to cover any caps as well as the filters. Air pumps are wrapped into small hand towels. 

The guy comes, does his thing, and a couple hour after he leaves (when I am sure the spray has dried) I uncover everything and turn everything back on. He even sprays the corners of the window right besides some of the tanks, as well as under the tanks - which is why the air pumps are covered.

No harm ever done.


SHOULD he have to take more aggressive measurements, then get a large trash bag. These 30 gallon ones, and some wide masking tape. Cut the sides and bottom of one trash bag open to produce one huge sheet of trash bag. Disconnect and remove the air pump, unplug the filter and lay the cord over top of the tank. Cover the top of the tank and filters, and tape the edges of the bag tightly directly to the outside of the tank with the masking tape. Make sure to tape tightly, and seal any gaps. Of course make sure the filter/s are also covered inside the improvised tarp.


Take all your fish supplies - water change hose, nets, food, air pump, EVERYTHING, and put it in another trash bag and seal it tightly as well.


Afterwards, wait for a couple hours or more, then unwrap the tank and set the filter and air pump etc back up and start.  And no worries, as long as the filter media remains wet inside the filter it will be fine for many hours, even with the filter turned off! :)


I hope this helps!

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Diatomaceous  earth.   You can eat it and so can your fish.  You sprinkle it in the areas you have found roaches or whatever other bugs are bugging you, and also all along the baseboards.  The Amazon link also has a "duster" that makes application easier.  You can get one like this at a hardware store.  It makes application easier, but some people just use a shaker.

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We use Diatomaceous Earth.....because I do not like spraying or applying poison inside the house (I have NO problem spraying around the exterior of the house!) DE does a great job. It isn't an "instant kill" but even better because they wander thru it & carry it back to their living quarters!!!  YAY!! I put a little bit in each corner of the cabinets in the kitchen, under & behind all appliances & behind furniture. I haven't seen a roach in A LONG time!!!  Works on pesky ants too.


AND I feel real good about it around my tank!!!


(Buy the way we also occasionally mix some in water or fruit juice to help to help "clean out" your insides! That's how safe it is.  Read up on it as it is GOOD STUFF!!!

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