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x2 White *young* Orandas *Vancouver, BC


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Hello! I am, sadly, looking to downsize my fish family. These two little babies were adopted in January 2016 and are happy, healthy fish. Size wise, they are approximately 4-5inches long. They were only about 1.5inches long when they came home with me at the beginning of the year.
The more white/yellow Oranda is named "Butters" and the the one with the orange spot on his/her wen is named "Tootie".
They live in a thriving 75 gallon tank with 6 other, young fancy goldfish.
I live in the South Burnaby area in the Vancouver, BC, Canada and would love someone local to adopt one, or both of these lovely fish.
I am not asking for any money for these little dudes :) Just knowing they are going to a good home is 
Here they are when they came home in January 
Butters is in the middle.
Whew! It's difficult getting a still photo of these guys....here it Tootie!
Tootie is the blur on the top haha, Butters is in the middle
Tootie again in the middle, I love thered spot on his wen :) I almost named his Skittles because of it...
Swimming their little hearts out <3


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