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Amoonklein Baby has arrived! Yay!

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Ok... Here we go!!! Fishy has moved in.... Here is the story in pictures....   :happydance 

10:03 am.... Fishy arrives!!! Wahooooo!!!   :mail:


5min later the un-boxing begins!!!   :nana

Mama Allie is messaging that fishy's here!!!   :rofl




A card??? And food!!! Wow!!! That's some tiny tiny food!!!



OMG!!! There's a fishy in there!!!!!


Little tiny fishy!!!   :happydance 


Look ma! No poop!!!   :lol2


Hindenburg is closely watching what is going on next door...


Hindenburg says Ma!!!! Who is that!!! You got me a friend?????   :blush:


Fishy is all moved in!!!   :hi5


Hindenburg... Well how come you didn't put fishy in here with me???   :why: 


THE END....   :rofl3
:) ????????????


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Haha, they're so cute next to each other! You'll have to pull these pictures out when you have big monster goldfish a few years from now :D

Yes!!! They must be very close in age.... Maybe they will be bff's when they get together in a month.... :P

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Aww!! Tomorrow I'm gonna have a handful of his/her siblings! I love having fish related to ones on the forum.

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Chris here... Me too!!! Want to see pics!!! :happydance

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Oh my stars! I thought Allie had a baby and never told us she was pregnant. I gotta say I'm a tiny bit disappointed this is about fish. :rofl3

Congrats to you both!!! :nana

Bahahahahah :rofl I think I'd be in a lot of  trouble if I was giving away human babies and shipping them to their new homes :lol3

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Hidenburg looks like he ATE his new friend.  :yikes  :tomuch:  :donthit:

:rofl3 so not gonna happen, the baby is way tooooo fast for anyone to catch!!! Plus I think Hindenburg already loves little fishy.... :heart

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