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Fish I was paranoid about yesterday IS pineconing!

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I'm sorry! If it makes you feel better that sort of random dropsy that progresses quickly and severely is not usually the kind that responds well to meds. When it is a progressive symptom in a chain of others like water quality problems and external lesions it tends to be easier to rectify. Dropsy is tough at the best of times, even with no other stressors.

Don't count yourself out of fish keeping down the road - I went a good five years with no tanks because of life craziness and came back stronger for it. I also don't get as attached to stock as I used to ;). But life changes and sometimes the hobby can as well. Some have also found that switching to a less challenging species or a community tank can bring back the joy. Goldfish are an advanced/expert species to keep truly well, despite how common they are. They're tricky and sensitive, especially the more strain bred and refined fancies. Tanks are also less than ideal compared to ponds and that makes the job harder still, on top of their messiness. It's a lot!

Take a break and come back and say hi as you can. Kokos is always open and welcoming :).


Thanks so much. And I can definitely see myself getting back into it in the future. My bf has some storage space where he lives, so we're going to keep the tank there for now, and wrap it up with that industrial style plastic wrap so it doesn't get too gunky and gross. I'm going to casually list it on craigslist (could really use some extra cash right now), but if it doesn't sell, then it will be there to pick back up with, if/when the time comes. And you're right -- I will have a better idea of what I'd be getting into and would start off with better knowledge than before. As time went on, I learned how to kind of detach from them a bit as you mentioned, but it is wild the connection we feel to them -- even if ultimately they're just looking for more food ;)


I did think of switching to a community tank, or try a heavily planted tank with a few fish, but for now I just need to step away from it completely and not look at it every day or worry about it. A friend was like, "get a big indoor tree or plant,it will look great in that space!" and I was like, "Nope. I'm getting a lamp. Something I don't have to take care of." :)


Here's a pic of the fish as of tonight. Gives me the shivers to even think about. I am ready for a break, but will still come by here every now and again! Just because you're out of practice doesn't mean you have to stop learning.



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Taking care of a lamp cracked me up. You poor thing!

And that poor fish - he really did pinecone up. You can double the epsom dose and see if that helps the swelling any. But if that doesn't cause it to subside I'm thinking the organ damage is too advanced and it would be better to just euthanize him. A few hours on the higher epsom dose should tell and it won't hurt the other fish with it up to a teaspoon per ten gallons.

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