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Selling small anubias species:micro, petite, nana, free floaters available!


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Selling some small species of anubias, buy multiple plants for better discounts! WYSIWYG- anubias pictured is what will be shipped.
Shipping is $7 for small flat rate priority box. Payment via PayPal goods and services. I only ship in the continental US.

Anubias micro- rarer species with smaller leaves than petite. Have 2 rhizomes with 14-20+ leaves each. $15 each. Buy both for $25

Anubias petite- small leafed anubias, larger than micro but smaller than nana have 3 rhizomes with 20-30+ leaves each. $10 each. Buy all 3 for $24

Anubias nana- more common anubias species. I have 2 rhizomes with 8+ leaves each. $3 each. Buy both for $4.75



Can throw in free salvinia minima with order! Please specify that you want some when you contact me. Example photo below.


If you have any questions feel free to ask


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