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Petting Nericon

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She actually will just sit and be petted for quite some time! Rhonda will, too but Slate doesn't like it.


I know the bowl sucks but Nericon likes to eat stuff (she tries to eat the gravel THROUGH the glass but can't) so I stuffed all the plants and gravel in the bowl and none of the fish even try to bother it. I also only run the light on that side of the tank now.

I know about the white mark above Slate's eye, I'm not sure what it is, but knowing her, I'm keeping a close eye out.

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Thanks, Mandy. They get along quite well surprisingly.

I'm looking at a small bit above Boo Boos eye that has been languishing for over a month now, getting EVER so slightly larger. I'm not sure what it is, but we are hoping it's not tumor and will resolve itself:


If it is tumor, I'm sure lovely Helen will help us again if need be. Slate still seems perfectly fine and her previous tumor is just a brainy looking concave in her head now - basically totally withered away but the skin won't grow back.

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