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Does anyone know how to get rid of this type of algae?

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If you have some Flourish Excel, squirting a little bit over the effected areas with a syringe will take care of it.

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Also, do you dose any fertilizers?

They say its a dirted tank so its already has its ferts underneath the gravel.


It looks like blue-green slime algae and appears to be due to your dirted tank-excess decomposing organics (or aerobic conditions), since you say you already reduced light which I assume you already have.

The trick with dirted tanks is to plant a LOT of fast growing root heavy plants to absorb the organics and starve out algae before it can take hold (also fast growing=spread of roots under the substrate which will release oxygen into the soil and prevent aerobic buildup (from what I've read)), from your photo that tank looks fairly empty.  How thick is your soil base? is it the entire tank length/width or just small pockets?

A LOT of water changes, manual removal, and adding of more fast growing plants should help combat it.

I also saw a hit for some chemical algae remover specific for blue-green algae but don't know if its just snakes oil (fake).  But its best to treat the cause then the effect.




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I would stay away from any chemical algae remover other than trying Seachem Excel which is not specifically created to remove algae but treatment with Excel does help (and it provides carbon for aquatic plants).


I use a 6 hour photoperiod, Excel, ferts and a bristlenose pleco to help minimize algae. This works quite well, but right now I'm on a bn pleco mini-break and will be introducing a young one soon.

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