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Betta preparation


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Hey guys,

Some of you may remember I had a few guppies in a 5 gallon.

That has been empty for some time and after a spring clean of the games room I want to re stock it and I'm pretty set on a male betta.

So far it has a silk plant as I read they like sleeping on strong leaves

An ornament for hiding

A heater set on 26 degrees Celsius

And I've stuffed the filter full of media as it is quite a strong current for a small tank and I know betta's don't like that.

I will also be adding live plants and I am currently cycling it.



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Silk plants or live plants are the way to go!  The plastic plants can rip their delicate fins (you can test decor by rubbing a nylon stocking over it-if the nylon snags it will rip betta fins). 

Get more silk plants, stuff that tank full of silk plants, you're future betta will love you for it!

Having too much exposed glass may lead to glass surfing:where the Betta can see its reflection and will chase it CONSTANTLY thinking its an intruding male.  Having a lot of silk plats in there including against the side and back walls is a good way to help prevent this, also giving the large amount of line of sight break up through the tank encourages the betta to explore more/feel more secure.

You can buy some black foam filter media and make a thick 'sock' to put over the intake and a black strip to stuff over the outflow to help reduce flow, see DIY post link below:



The cover over the intake protects fins from being sucked in and shredded, and the insert over the outflow really helps baffle flow to make it gentler for the betta.  You can also lok at getting a lower flow rate filter.  I'm unsure what's available to you but azoo palm/azoo migon HOB has a low flow rate that's adjustable AND comes with a pre-filter (sock for intake).

Another filter option would be a sponge filter with air pump-these are very betta safe-i use them in  of my 8 betta tanks.... this one would work well for a small tanks:


You'd need to buy air pump and airline tubing.


Be sure to post photos when you get your new betta! ^^

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