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Is this normal after releasing eggs?


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Hello :)

I have a big gorgeous girl in quarantine. Since arriving last Saturday she's dropped eggs twice. I've never had a fish lay eggs and I'm just wondering if what I'm observing is normal or if I should be concerned.

The first two days we had her her poop was normal. She dropped her first eggs on the Monday, after which I noticed her vent was red and she had a lot of long, looooong white stringy poop. By Friday her poop had returned to normal.

Then yesterday (exactly a week after she arrived) she dropped eggs again. I had noticed her vent was red and swollen, and I've since read that that's normal before they release eggs. Is that correct? There is also a lot more of the very long white stringy poop today.

I found one seemingly reliable site that said the white poop was just part of the egg releasing process but it's the only reference I've been able to find. Is this true in your experience?

Does that sound about normal? As I've never dealt with eggs before and she's a new fish I'm just wanting to check there's nothing else going on.

As a funny aside, she release a fair amount of her 2nd round of eggs on my boyfriend. She was either dropping them as he was about to start her water change or his trying to catch her to move her to the holding tub 'helped her along'. We couldn't work out how so many eggs got into the clean water we'd been bringing to room temperature until he looked at his arms.....lol

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They often release a white, stringy, zig-zag poop after releasing eggs.  I would keep an eye on the vent.  If the redness persists, there may be a problem.  It's probably fine, though :)

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Some bottom sitting or hiding can also be normal, depending on how aggressive the male is. A few days and she should perk back up.

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