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New babies

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Everyone likes to see goldfish so I figured to post my new babies

Randy the Oranda


Omen - calico Ryukin


Robin - orange/white Ryukin


Callisto - calico fantail


Callisto will be alone in a 20 gallon and the other three have been in a 70 gallon pond but will be in a 40B tank in winter most likely. So far, everyone is strong and healthy.

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Very nice! :nana:

I love Omen, looks a lot like my Kite. :heart

Omen is my favorite, too! I can't recall what Kite looks like but I absolutely love Calico fantails and Ryukins.



This is not a great picture, but it shows the pattern they kind of share :)


Kinda lost her good looks since then, but she's one of my all time favorites :)

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She looks great! I love Ryukins. I don't think wee little Omen will get that big and I don't think he will get that much of a hump either, but I hope he can grow at least somewhat and get a nice stout shape. His little baby shape is adorable.

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These babies were gotten on July 8th and I have new photos of them today. They are doing great in their little pond.

Omen - calico Ryukin (my favorite)


Robin orange/white Ryukin. Getting a cute shape


Randy the Oranda - think I see a WEE bit of wen on him


I'm so happy with them. Their color looks so nice from the pond and they're growing up as well.

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