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Free Floaters: Salvinia minima


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I only ship in the continental US (includes Alaska), only take payment (to cover shipping cost) via PayPal.

$7 for a small flat rate box with 10x6" portion of salvinia minima. 

Currently have 2-3 boxes worth.  First come first serve.  Will update thread as I have more/less available.


Its a cool easy to grow floating plant. I have it in most of my betta tanks as a light diffuser/shade for the bettas and the other plants.  I've not tried it with goldfish.

It's a fairly small leafed/rooted floater, but not as small/annoying as duckweed, great nitrate buster, has cool cat tongue like texture on top of leaves.  It doesn't get burnt by bright light, nor rot from condensation under a hood (like water lettuce and frogbit will).  I notice it grows larger with more light-1 tank has a 13 watt cfl in a reflector lamp about 2" above the floaters.


Photo showing example portion size:



Top view on a 3g picotope (Freya is peeking out to say hello):



Underside view on a 7g cube (Xerxes is photo bombing)






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1 portion sold, 1 pending payment.




I am so tempted, but I know it would not work out well for me with an overflow! [emoji1]

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Its not as pretty but some people with a lot of flow from filtration (or who want o control where floaters are) will corral floaters by making a ring out of air line tubing (no water in it).  ans using a check valve or pressure adjustment valve


in above photo its the small black thing with a knob by the index finger-comes with any tetra whisper air pump

or you can buy one online/store for cheap like this (lower part of photo)









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Salvinia minima available again, here are some photos I took today from my 3g picotope tank.  2nd photo shows new growth has shorter roots but older leaves get longer roots ^^


Freya wants her food!  And no you will not get the betta, RAOK is just for the plants.

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