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Handling/Petting Bettas


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So a lot of goldfish owners handle their fish to weigh, photograph, show, even pet/hand feed, etc.  But how many of you also handle/pet you bettas a lot? 

I have a lot of bettas and some are more willing to be pet than others (reserve petting for after they've been fed).  I never can get a good photo of me petting them that's in focus, but my most pet accepting boy rested in my cupped hand the other day so I took a shot of that.  He's an old betta now, but he likes getting a little pet/rest on my finger after dinner.  He hung out there for a good 30 seconds.



My giant betta surprisingly allowed me to pet him in the first 24 hours he was here, he doesn't particularly enjoy/stick around for petting but doesn't run away from my finger.

I have 3 others I also periodically pet, and 3 I don't (2 are skittish, the last has an awkward lid i can't really get in to pet).


My husband has a female betta who LOVES getting pet by him after every meal, she'll rub on him, rest on his fingers, she just enjoys the affection, and will wiggle around furiously to get him to come back if he tries to make the petting session too short.  But if I put a finger by/in her tank I get flared at, haha.



Anyways wanted to see if anyone else also has hand contact with their bettas.

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I feed my Betta blood worms using chopsticks. Only time I touch him is when cleaning/pruning tank. I'm always worried he will crash into scissors when I cut the grass. He loves the attention.

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