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Anubias Pacakges! Big and small species. Great for goldfish, betta, cichlid.. pretty much any aquatic tank!


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Buy more than one package for great discounts!

Happy to throw in extra plants such as water sprite and salvinia minima for free!

Payment is Via PayPal goods and services option. I only ship within the continental US.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Please email me at aquaaurorapb AT gmail DOT com


Photos are exact plants you are getting



Small anubias package $60 shipped

2 micro (very rare), 3 petites (1st photo)

2 nana (2nd photo)



Medium Anubias package $50 shipped

1 broadleaf (1st photo)

1wavy n' long, 1 sharp n' short, 1 striped barterie (2nd photo)

1 diamond (3rd photo)

Free extras: 3 unknowns (rhizomes broke but new leaves have already started tog row.)(4th photo)





Large Anubias Package $50 shipped

Mix of regular, wrinkle leaf, and broadleaf barterie jumbo sized anubias (16"+)


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