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My 165g Patio Pond


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Here are some pics of my new patio pond.  I have 4 comets and 8 rosy red minnows.  Its been setup for about 2 weeks.  We will be moving in the next 2 to 3 years so I wanted something I could take with me :)


I have floating pots with umbrella grass and a some mini cattails but they have not sprouted yet.








Added some night time lights and a timer



My first and only hyacinth bloom so far






My lilly pads are starting to make it to the surface now



My fish, I haven't named them yet.  I found some pretty ones in the "feeder" tank.  A calico, black/gold, an orange with white spots and an orange with a white tail.



Thanks for looking 

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Ya but don't you have to do some digging for the 300 one?  

No, the 300g and the 425g are still above ground.  But yeah, the 600g you have to submerge into the ground partially.

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:clapping: now that is an awesome pond! congratulations!! i can see why it MUST moooove with you :D

And the best part of all about it is no tools required.  It assembled like the lincoln log houses I used to build with my son when he was little.  Even the benches came pre-assembled, all I had to do was attach two screws to each one.  So disassembly some day should be pretty easy as well.


I had it put together and mostly filled with water in 90 minutes :)

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:o  Was this some sort of kit then?  I think I need one.   :o


Just gorgeous!   :clapping:  And I second the request for more photos.   :teehee


Is it deep enough to leave them out for the winter?   :idont


Beautiful! How deep is it?

More pics are mandatory 


What do you guys want more pics of? the pond or the yard? lol.


So yes, it is a kit!  I researched some and I figured by the time I paid a landscaper to dig a hole for me (as my husband won't  :teehee ) and had the liner and rocks put around it and landscaping to make it look pretty I'd be out at least a couple thousand dollars.  So then I started searching for kits and there wasn't even one I could find in the U.S.!  I think one of us needs to go into business for small pond kits!  Anyways I found this through Vancouver, B.C.


Also under http://www.bcponds.com/


I went with the 165g because it was 22" deep.


Yeah, I am planning on leaving them out there for the winter and using a pond heater like this to keep it above freezing: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001KC2A0U/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER


It can float or sink.  I'll remove the fountain head and attach the bubbler head and leave the filter running all winter.  I have not done a lot of research yet on how to care for them in the winter.  


I'm hoping @dieselplower will have some good tips for wintering.


I was originally going to go with fancies but I read that they cannot over winter as well as comets and I believe the pond heater will keep the water around 40 degrees for my area and they will go into a dormant state where they will not need as much food etc.  I don't know yet how often I am supposed to even feed them during this time.  Its all a learning experience.


Oh yeah, AND I promised my husband I would not bring them inside. :stop   This was something I had to agree to before buying the kit because I already have my 33g tropical and my 6g shrimp and nano tank.

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