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New Top View Ranchus

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Got some new 10 week old Top View Ranchu's this weekend from Gary Hater in Cincinnati.  If you're looking for baby bristols, ranchus, ryukins, and veiltails, definitely check him out on facebook.  He has some GREAT stock available and he is the nicest guy.


I went to his house to pick them out.  Originally I wanted 5 but he put 8 in the bag! haha


Here they are the first night I got them home:



Next morning in the pond:



Here is a collage I made.  I don't name my fish until they've made it a month in QT :)



#1 is the largest fish by far.  I like his striking pattern:



#2 is a cull that I liked.  He has a dorsal bump on his back.  If Gary had noticed, he wouldn't have let me have him (he doesn't let culls go to customers). But I liked his colors so I asked for him.



#3 has the best conformation (I think).



#4 has gorgeous markings too.  He's the biggest pig at mealtime :)



#5 is the largest orange, and is the only solid orange one at the moment.



#6 is the smallest one :)



#7 has some awesome white markings on his side.




#8 has some awesome white markings on his sides too.  I hope they stay.





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WOW those are really nice. :thumbs:


Thanks Koko!  I am really enjoying them.


My moors from Gary are great, as are the ranchus. He is a fantastic breeder.


Cool!  I didn't see any baby moors, but I did see the black ranchus.  He has TONS of them available and they all are amazing.



That sounds like a blast and your newbies look great! Good choices

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Wow they look so good! Especially at 10 weeks old!


Yeah, when he told me they are 10 weeks, I was SO surprised.  I can't believe how big and colorful they are for 10 weeks.

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They are adorable.


Thanks Dawn!


Gary is amazing and so are his fish #3 is amazing [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]


Yeah, I'm sure I'll purchase from Gary again.  And thanks, I think #3 looks good too :)

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Ooo what species of taro is that?

Is that a Boston fern or emerald queen by the pond too?


I don't know exactly what it is.  When I bought it, it had a tag that said black elephant ear.  I researched them ahead of time and knew that the black elephant ear plant is a bog plant and does well in ponds.


And yes, it's a boston fern.  I've seen how well they do in Sharon's (shakaho) ponds.  My mom ended up with 2 free ones after a conference and gave them to me, so I stuck them in the pond too!

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Nice!  I'm surprised its doing so well, I'd read elephant ears like more acidic soil (or in this case water) around 5-7pH, but goldfish prefer more alkaline pHs.

Free ferns is freaking awesome ^^

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Some more pics of the babies.  I named them Dudley, Tater-Tot, Piggly Wiggly, Boaty McBoatface, Radar, #4125, and Large Marge :)  I unfortunately lost the little white one (that I'd named IceCream Paint Job).









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