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Chris here... I have been fighting high nitrites since June 5th... At first daily water changes of 20% to 30%, 1 feeding per day brought the nitrites to below 1.0 and then next day it would be back to 2.0... June 9th the nitrites started to shoot up to 5.0... All water testing was done in the am prior to feeding... Then retests were done at least 3hrs after water Change to check effectiveness of the change... June 16 continuing thru today the nitrites are at 5.0 each morning... :(

June 5 thru 10, 20% to 30% daily water changes

June 11 thru 21, 60% to 80% daily water changes, added/replace 1 tsp per gallon aquarium salt daily with water changes.

June 22 and today... (23). 100% water changes... Pre water change Numbers for the 22nd. PH = 8.0, Ammonia = 0 to .25, Nitrites = 5.0, Nitrates = 5 - 10

Post water change Numbers for the 22nd PH = 8.0, Ammonia = 0, Nitrites = 0 - .25 (assuming cause I didn't dump water that was in the filter), Nitrates = 0

Aquarium salt at 1tsp per gallon replaced...

Pre water change Numbers for the 23rd (today). PH = 8.0, Ammonia = 0 to .25, Nitrites = 5.0, Nitrates = 5 - 10... Post numbers not available yet... Waiting for the water to run a couple hours to test...

Aquarium salt at 1tsp per gallon replaced...

I have also taken to feeding 1/2 the amount of one feeding in the am prior to water change and the other 1/2 in the evening...

Two Adolescent Ranchu reside in the tank. 1/2 feeding = 1 mouthful of repashy Soilent Green, 16 sinking pellets (8 NLS Thera+A and 8 Hikari Lionhead)...

Tank size 20 gallon, filter = Marineland Bio Wheel with extra spong and ceramic media in vacant spaces.

Trigger to high nitrites, I think that when I was removing the carbon from the cartridges, I made the the mistake of keeping the blue filter media wet in prime treated tap water rather than existing tank water while re working the cartridges... Stupid me :(

So far my boys are symptom free, thank goodness....

Any advice you can provide, is greatly appreciated...

Thank so much, Chris

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