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Goodbye Skippy, Welcome Fish #7

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Sad news: my sweet Skippy passed away earlier this week while we were on vacation in Hawaii.  :bye2:


I just came back from a two-week family vacation to Hawaii. While we were gone, I arranged to have a teenaged neighbor feed our cats and fish for us each day. Last week, she messaged me that it looked like the power in our house had been out for a day or so and our fish seemed to be sitting on the bottom of the tank and not eating. She sent me a photo of Skippy laying on the bottom of the tank. My worst travel fear came true: Skippy died, and I wasn't there to give her medicine or say goodbye. :(


At least my other fish, Treasure, is looking okay today. She seems to be a bit lost, though, so I went out and bought a new fish friend. So far, we're calling it Fish #7. The kids don't have the heart to name another fish yet.


Fish #7 is currently in my 10 gallon QT, getting treated with Prazi. I think Fish #7 is a lion head, but it might be a ranchu? Anyways, I'm glad I found a replacement so quickly, and hope Fish #7 is a strong one. I bought her from a local family-owned fish store with a decent reputation.




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So sorry for your loss :( nice new fishy :)



Thank you so much!   :heart


Bubbles is still acting a bit shy today in her QT tank, spending most of her time at the back near the bottom. I'm trying to give her some dark and privacy but I hope she feels better soon.

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