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They ASKED to come home with me...

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So I went to the petshop to buy a heater.


Still feeling down about losing Stumpy I went to look at the fish thinking that if I saw ONE fish that I couldn't tear myself away from, I would buy it.


Well I didn't see that one fish.




I saw two.


First, A Calico Fantail caught my eye. She was so bright and active and just gorgeous. I decided to buy her.


Then I looked into the tank of Black Moors, they were all swimming toward the back of the tank, not approaching the front. Then one, about the smallest one there, swam to the front. And followed me back and forth and stared at me, and just stayed there in the front wriggling her fins and looking up at me. I named her before even asking for her to be bagged up.



Meet Polka (Dot) and Hamster










For anyone wondering, this is how my fish will be arranged



Main Tank - 160g

Tiger, Luka, Spice, Topaz, Opal, Neptune, Jupiter, Kolo


Big Pond - 450g

Rusty, Spike, Captain (Kirk), Scotty, Funky, Gem, Citrus, Albie, Sherlock, Watson, Tiny, Raven, Papi, Pascal


Small Pond - 160g

Freckles, Raindrop, Dotty, Firefly, Chopper (these are the keeper babies so far)


Bedroom Tank (Which is still in the process of been replaced but is happening within a few months) - 60g

Hamster, Polka, Buddy

Any other babies I decide to keep with go into one of the ponds.

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Stunning fishes :)

I don't know how you keep up with so many :thud

Hamster! :teehee


It's a bit of an effort :rofl I'm definitely addicted though!

There is meaning behind the name Hamster - It's in honour of Abraham who looked just like Hamster does now when I got him. I called him Hammie a lot and occasionally "the Ham-star" so it's come from there. 


I LOVE the names!  They are adorable fish!!!


Thank you!!


Adorable! :D

And I like your reasoning, very dangerous way to shop. :rofl


Thanks!! It sure is :rofl




Nice fish.


Thank you!!!

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Beautiful Goldfish!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Thanks Dawn!


They are soo cute Fishy :wub:

Ive ordered a heater too, "winter is coming" :teehee


Thanks! Yea, My main tank is ok but the fry tanks are so cold..I thought adding a heater might perk them up a bit lol

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me likey!!!!  I wouldn't be able to tear myself away either :D  Congrats!  They are adorbs!!!

Thanks! They really did grab me


Can you guess which one is my fave? :teehee

Congrats!! Adorable fish!! :)

And I didn't realize how many tanks/ponds you had. Oh my stars. :thud

Ummm..no idea...the moor? :rofl :rofl :rofl


Right now you can add 3 fry tubs and a qt tank to that list too :rofl


Though to be fair the bedroom tank and small pond aren't set up yet, it's a WIP :P


They kind of all snuck up on me...I had 8 fish and now suddenly I keep losing count of how many I have :rofl

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The names kill me :rofl

They are super cute :wub:

I think Lisa likes Polka but then again black is her favorite, besides pink, so maybe she favors Hammy :hmm I may be over thinking :rofl2

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How's Polka and Hamster?


Polka is great and has joined the main tank!

Hamster is still in QT she isn't as active as Polka and I just want to observe her a while longer and see if it's just her or if Polka was  bit too pushy for her or if something is wrong. She doesn't have any obvious symptoms tough and i eating well. I might end up moving her into one of the fry tubs because she is small enough not to be able to eat them and there is more space in there. I'm also worried she is  bit too small and and Spice might see her as food in the main tank :o Either way she wouldn't be in there permanatly because once I get my new tank for my room she will be in there. Hopefully next month!

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I love Polka so much, how adorable! :) I almost got a black moor myself at one point but I have black substrate and a black background in my tank and I figured it wouldn't be very fun having a fish I could never see. I will have to get a new tank at some point so I can get myself a little baby black moor like Hamster.

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