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Rhonda and Raiden

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Raiden - SO TINY! Three weeks of smooth QT and Abanayabar gone, went ahead and added her to Rhonda's tank since Rhonda was alone without Abanayabar. Rhonda is a gentle fish, not a bully/chaser like Slate and Abanayabar so Raiden seems perfectly fine.

She swims against the current with no problems and gets plenty of food. Shes still uneasy about Rhonda and zips away when Rhonda gets close but it's been two days and it looks better. She's grown A LITTLE, but not much. Rhonda is doing great. I absolutely love Rhonda's appearance. She's just... Round...

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Raiden makes Rhonda look huge!

And this is funny because Rhonda is actually a 24 gram and very small fish!

Thanks everyone. Let's hope all stays well this time. I shall be being much more careful. Rhonda will always be a very small fish and I don't think I'll get a lot of growth out of Raiden either but we'll see!

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