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Frogbit Questions


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For a long time my frogbit was growing like crazy, had huge round leaves and was nice bright green.


Now it seems to be rotting, the colour is fading, there are black spots on it and the leaves have holes and just fall apart


Is this a normal thing to happen when the weather cools down? Do I need to get rid of all the bad looking bits? (which is most of it!) The roots don't seem to be as long and nice looking either.


The other plants in my pond are doing wonderfully still! Except for the azolla and duckweed which is almost gone since the fish consider it dinner :P


Anyway can I do anything to get my frogbit looking nice again?




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Thanks speckles! The pond does get quite a bit of sun but now that autumn is here its getting a lot less

There are also lots of snails that have made their home in the pond!

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Frogbit is weird like that in my opinion. I've had the same thing happen when I had my little paludarium up. I never really solved the problem, but in my case suspect a lot of the other plants were outcompeting it for nutrients.

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