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Hand profiles of my 5 today

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Last hand profile thread, I only had 3 fishies! Got my total piece of crap camera out and took these today of all my babies.


Nericon, shes been having some health issues as you can see... but she's hanging in there. Poor girl...



Abanayabar, cute little thing (trying to catch Rhonda in size)



Rhonda... she is just round. I sooooo love Ryukins



Slate the Boo Boo headed fish, of course had to splash the camera and be naughty so I had to lightly hold her (getting to be a big girl)



Raiden... soooooo tiny. Weighs nothing - literally!



Slate is a tumor headed fish and Nericon has been having issues with floating and whatnot, but they're all hanging in there for now. 



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I love the last pic :rofl

Lol... You guys just HAVE to pick at Raiden don't you? I thought about putting a nickel in my hand beside her just to make even more fun of the dinky size... But figured the hand profile was humiliating enough for her. Don't know the gender of course, but since the rest all turned out to be females... Makes sense that this one probably is too.

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Raiden is SO CUTE! She is about the size of my biggest fry at 11 weeks old, but rounder

Thanks! I just HAD to get her. I've NEVER seen a fish this small in a store tank. She was just like... GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! So I did just that. I saw several unhealthy fish but she seemed quite healthy. I think she will always be small, but that's okay. I just hope she stays healthy.

I'm beginning to really like fantails. I'm not sure how old she is, but I don't think she's the 3-4 months that the fish usually are. She's way tinier than any I've ever seen. I don't know if she's female yet, but I seem to have a propensity towards females (all other fish turned out to be female) so we'll go with that for now.

I like her tiny little shape. She's got a nice sharp dorsal fin and a nice lengthy caudal peduncle (maybe she won't wiggle to swim like Rhonda). She's also a little chunky and I see some hints of yellow. Her back isn't straight like Nericons (who may be crossed with Shubunkin) but she's certainly a cute little fantail. I'm excited to see how she develops. She's been a vibrant and healthy fishy so far.

Abanayabar was 7 grams at about 4 months when I got her. Abanayabar is currently 14 grams about a month and a half later so I think little Raiden is quite younger than 4 months... Or just MEGA tiny for her age.

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A while ago my mom asked about Nericons scales "growing back". I asked her what she was talking about and she said she thought all her missing scales would have grown back by now. In a panic, I looked Nericon over because I hadn't noticed any missing scales, and I found no missing scales.

After asking my mom to explain what she was talking about, I discovered that my mom is a "Nacreous Noob". She thought that all fish are supposed to have "shiny" scales and that Nericon was missing most of her scales due to this. Nericon is of course mostly matte with a few metallic scales... And her scales are perfectly fine lol.

Abanayabar is nacreous too, but her color makes it less obvious. Silly mommy.

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