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New Betta! :)

Fish Of Gold

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Several months ago my Betta Dreamer died :rip:  So I wanted to get a new one this month. Petco was having a sale on all of their fish so I went to have a look. There was one that was a beautiful dark blue, one that was a metallic looking green, a white crown tailed Betta with red dots all over, and one that I was seriously thinking of getting that was a rainbow of colors of light blue,dark blue, green, red, orange and a bit of white. I would have named him Kaleidoscope LOL. But there was a cup that I didn't look at yet, and the little guy was staring at me, so I picked up his cup to look at him closer. I swear it looked like he was begging me to take him :please  and saying that he needed me, almost seemed like his face actually had expressions on it. He was not brilliantly colored or have fancy flowing fins like the others, but for some reason I was compelled to buy this sad lonely looking Betta. I kept putting him back and looked at the "pretty" ones again. But dang it, every time I looked at him he was staring at me with that look again. I know fish can't have emotional expressions on their faces, but this one did, it's crazy! Or maybe I'm just crazy LOL! So I did a big sigh and chose that sad looking Betta. I was holding his cup looking at him and I thought "What can I name you? You don't have features that I can name you after, and I can't think of a fancy name that would suit a Betta" Well just like that out of the blue for some reason the name Norman came to mind. I thought "What!? Norman?!?!" Why in the world would that name pop up? Ok so it must be another one of his secret Betta powers. I guess he picked his own name and told me thru telepathy LOL! :whisper


Here is Norman, the regular, not fancy, Betta   :r030: ...But I love him and he needs me...he told me that himself! I'm not crazy, I promise :crazy:   :rofl   :newfish














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Awesome guy! Almost every Fish I have started out as a "pity" Fish lol.

They are beautiful in their own right always :)

This guy is quite a looker though!

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I love him!  And I think he'll be the most special to you since you had an emotional connection from the beginning.


I don't think you're crazy either (or maybe we're both crazy!  :teehee ) but I had a similar experience and think I understand what you mean when you say he was begging you to take him.  I was at a walmart and there was a tank full of dead goldfish (probably 15+ dead) and there was just one fish alive and frantically swimming.  She seriously looked panicked, like she knew she had to get out of there or she would die.  So I bought her, and she was my favorite goldfish, and it could be because I felt like I saved her from a likely untimely death. (When the guy was scooping her out, we noticed there was another one alive on the bottom but wasn't swimming, so I took that one too.  He unfortunately died in my care within 24 hours).

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