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Ulcers and Fungus? HELP!

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We have been talking about this on the back end and believe your goldfish are in trouble. But unfortunately many 'cures' available to you might be too harsh to save them in this rough condition. Since you have already tried the Esha products without much success, I'm going to recommend you stay with the instructions for 0.3% salt in the tank water, along with gently elevating the heat if you haven't already. Slowly bring the tank up to 78 degrees F to speed up the life cycle of the parasite in question.

Additionally, I'm going to recommend salt dips. This will help further clear their gills of parasites without the as many side effects at the medications available to you.

The only modification to the directions below I'm going to recommend is that you begin with only a 1% salt solution, or ten teaspoons per gallon of water, and see how they respond. The next dip you can do 20 teaspoons and then 30 teaspoons of salt on the third dip IF they are tolerating it well. Understand?

Please salt dip each fish affected once daily and report back to us.


1. dissolve 30 teaspoons salt/gallon of water (30 grams/Liter, or 113.7g/gallon). This concentration is 3%. Let it match the temp/pH of the tank, and make sure to add de-chlorinator. You can also use tank water, but because you are adding a lot of salt per gallon, you will need to heat up the water. Hence, it's crucial that you cool it back down.

2. prepare a holding tank. This is a tank that is pH/temp matched with the main tank, and has been de-chlorinated. This can be a 5 gallon tub, with bubblestone, or something bigger.

3. make sure you have some sort of timer

4. gently lift the fish out of the tank, and place into temp/pH matched salt solution.

5. start timer.

6. if the fish stays continues to stay upright, or tilts over but can get back up, keep him/her in the salt solution for exactly 5 minutes.

7. remove fish from the salt, and place in holding tank. The reason why we do this is to: 1) give the fish a place to recover by him/herself, and 2)to let the fish purge out ammonia/wastes in a place that is not the main tank.

8. if the fish starts to lose balance and cannot get back before the minutes, remove him/her and place in holding tank, as described in #6.

9. after 1-2 hours, the fish can be moved back to the main tank. He/She might still be disoriented, but should be fine.

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Hello ladies. So they have parasites? They'll be at 0.3% tomorrow morning (working makes it impossible to dose every 12hrs :( )

I will follow your instructions for the salt dipping, thank you for that :) if I'm doing the salt dips every day do I still need to keep their tank at 0.3% or is it ok to forget about that when I do water change sunday?

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Here are some pictures of them tonight. I'm so sorry for the poor quality but you can sort of get an idea of what their skin is like. I will try and get some more pictures when they are less active. They have been very active today. 








this was them sunday(in their bowl/bucket while i was doing water change):




Some areas look like they've cleared up since sunday and others look worse, as promised i will really try to get you much better pictures tomorrow! 

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Right here are slightly better pictures:








I'm going to make up the last 0.1% salt this morning so that my mum can pop it in for me while I'm at work. 

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Unfortunately, Angel (white lionhead) passed away yesterday. I'm making up a salt dip for annabella this morning, it'll be the first one I've done as I've been hunting around local shops for two days looking for 100% salt (I can't drive). She looks much brighter and is a much brighter white and orange colour. Her sore patchs look much better too.

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Here are pictures of Annabella, i manged to get some better ones of her before her salt dip











I think you can agree her patchs look a lot less sore and that she looks a lot healthier in herself?


She took the salt dip really well, she's resting on the bottom of prepared matched params tank at the moment, she's got another 1hr 34mins to go in there. Really hoping she'll be ok, can't believe how many babies I've lost :( They all meant so much to me. 

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If you can find some Colloidal silver at least 100ppm if not we can work with it... I want to see if Silver dips may help with this since you lost one already :(

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No I don't have antibiotics :/ But as they are healing very quickly and nicely, she's doing so well, I'm just going to carry on with the salt dips daily and see if i can get her back to her old self. At the moment considering her health I have every faith she's actually going to clear up in no time, she definitely isn't looking or acting poorly any more. Thank you all for your help :) 

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