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Quinn is Pineconing :(


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Ok. Today is 2 weeks on metro meds, and Epsom salts and metronidazole in the water.

Quinn no longer looks pine coned. He does have some pink streaking by the base of his tail. But that's his normal and I think is more noticeable because he's all white.

He's active and perky. Comes to see me when I walk by his QT tank. He's eating vigorously and pooping.

Can I move him back to the 55 gal after water changes today?

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Keep him in the QT at least another week, if he remains symptom freed he can then be moved.

Ok. I hope to move him back next weekend then :) as long as he has an uneventful week :) thanks

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I agree with Jared.  I'd wait a bit and see how he does.  Glad to hear the MMs worked so well!  :nana

I'm glad they worked quickly too! Hoping that means it was caught early and minimal damage was done :fingerscrossed:

Thanks for the advice :bighug I'll leave him in QT a while longer :alex

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He still doing well?!

He is and so I put him back into the 55 gallon after its water change today :D

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