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The 4ft monster is born...

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So I actually got to setup my 4ft terrarium for my hermit crabs and here it is :) I am also sure I will be adding more decor etc when I can :D
Right side
Left side
Hidey holes
Hermit crab in hidey hole aka Victor/Victoria
Big J is also hiding in the log somewhere and Georgie is buried in the old tank :(


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Wow! You did this all by yourself? Great job. It looks awesome.

Thanks and yeah I spent about 3 hours setting the tank up


Wow looks awesome!!! A crabby mansion!

Thanks and as soon as I put the crabs in 2 went straight into the log and I think 3 of them are in the log right now :D

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Thats awesome :D

Haha it's not awesome wen you couldn't be bothered tidying up after setting the tank up so have stayed up all night with stuff everywhere including my bed and it is 6:22 am here :o

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That looks awesome!  :goodjob

Thanks :)

They're going to love it when they get used to all that space!

I really hope so I spent nearly £250 on everything but if they hate it then I wont mind just gives me another excuse to buy more pet things :rofl
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