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Need help. All fish upside down.

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The fact that multiple fish flipped over suggests a toxin.  Nitrate toxicity can cause fip over, but the one time I have had this happen, the fish recovered rapidly in clean water.  That hasn't happened here.


It's spring, and spring rains and snow melt can cause contaminated wells.  The summer before last, I lost a number of fish to toxic municipal water from a bad city well.  All of those I lost had received a large water change as opposed to my normal 10% per day.   Could you get your well water laboratory tested?  You might try activated carbon in your filter.


Could you try putting your ailing fish in some other water?  This could even be your pond water -- not ideal because it isn't clean, but unless you have just done a big water change in the pond it wouldn't contain a recent well contaminant. 


You could also buy some water, but this would probably be RO water and you would also need to get some Replenish or other mineral product.


This may sound crazy, but nothing else has worked.

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Thanks for the advice. I will fill my 110 gallon tuff stuff tub with lond water. I will have it inside.

I treated the tank yesterday and today with pimafix and Beefcake has not been upside down since. Probably coincidence.

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