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Phin and Puddle's Tank


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This is the current tank set up for the boys. I absolutely HATE this tank. I take that back. I hate this tank for goldfish. Once the boys move out I think it would be gorgeous set up as a planted tropical maybe. It's a 37 tall and I REALLY wish I'd gotten the 40g breeder. I would have been so much happier. Not to mention that the 40 would have given me the recommended 20g per fish and I wouldn't have to panic if I was a little late on a water change. I mean its just a 3g difference and Phin and Puddles are still small enough that its okay, but it just would have been better to get the 40 and not have the stress. Plus, it has the same footprint as a 29 (only taller) so the dimensions are 12"L x 30"W x 22"H and I would just be happier if that 12" was 18" or more. Also, there are a couple of snails in there that hitched a ride on some decor I got from my grandmother's tank I guess. That's the only explanation I have for how they got here. 



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