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Pumps vs elevation

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Hey all,


Does anyone know a good site with info on pumps versus gravity?  I'm wanting to get about 6 feet and retain 1200 GPH.


I'm re-doing my setup with a refugium and a settling drum tacked onto my existing 75 gallon (which I'm putting into a wall display!).


I want the refugium to sit just above the main tank by just enough that it can overflow (via HOB overflow) into the main/display tank.


The top of the main tank is going to be ~6' up, so the refugium lip will be another few inches up.  I can adjust my sump to be a little higher to give me a little more elevation....


But what sort of pump would get it up that high?


Both the refugium and the display tank will have overflows, so I have to do a balancing act of GPH to keep bubbles out of the siphon.

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In the description of any submersible pump, you should find the "head" -- the vertical distance from the top of the water the pump sits in (the sump, right?) to the outlet.  (Not the distance from the pump to the outlet.)  If you go to the company site, you can usually find a graph of GPH vs. head height.


This pump gives you 1250 GPH with 5' of head.  Pond people think highly of Little Giant.


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