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I love the zen look of your main tank. In returning to this hobby, you go whole hog, don't you?!!! It's easy to do!

Hahahaha I guess I do!  What I find the most amusing is that when I got the 75 running again, I was like... Oh, I'm only gonna have a few fish and yadda yadda yadda.  That didn't work out too well for me :doh11:



I'm just perplexed at how awesome this all is good job! And all those babies are just adorable! :D

Thanks :)  I still shake my head and wonder how I can keep everything straight... I'm having to write down notes every day to keep myself on track.  I can only imagine people that have whole fish rooms filled with tanks and pretty fish!



Looks great!!!!!

Thanks, Dawn.  Hopefully, there will be less tanks in the house come summer and I can start keeping some of these goobers outside to enjoy the weather.

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