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Spawning behavior


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Just wanted to post a video of some spawning behavior going on in my tank, especially for V-day! As you can see Harry(ieta) is a little bloaty (there's no redspot on her side like in the last photos) cause Dumpdy is being the alpha male and all over her, literally.


I also introduced Jacque into the tank after a month in QT and he is happy to be in his new home. The 40g breeder is now complete with its family.


Sorry for the loud background noise. Let me know if you ca't see the video, I'm terrible with technology. https://youtu.be/QJOlhf0ONhE

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Cute! Slate has ALWAYS chased Rhonda around like this. Ever since I got them as little less than 1" babies last October. What's funny is that I'm 95% sure Slate is FEMALE so its funny that Slate does ALL the chasing. I think Rhonda is female too, but at a teensy 15 grams, very hard to be sure.

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