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Planted Tank Update


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Love the epiphytes on the emersed driftwood, and the dense plant mass below ^^

Do you have a full list of emersed and immersed flora?

No, I never bothered because there are a lot of species, but here goes nothing.

The epiphytic orchids are dendrobium kingianum. The terrestrial moss is some native, not sure of the species. There's also some usnea in there and a little fern has started growing. I did identify it, but can't remember what it was now.

As for in the tank: cyperus helferi, crypt. balansae, crypt. nevilli, crypt. wendtii brown, crypt. becketii, narrow leaf Java fern, anubias nana petite, lileaopsis novae zelandiae, micranthemum monte carlo, riccia, staurogyne porto velho, blyxa japonica, rotala so green, rotala colorata, rotala nanjeshan, rotala h ra, ludwigia arcuata, java moss, Sydney stringy moss, and Sydney fissidens.

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Thanks guys! I'm a bit torn at the moment. This layout turned a year old recently (there were some minor changes along the way), but I'm itching to do something new—preferably sculptural in a different sized tank for the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest.


I really like the over-grown look, Dan, it adds a lil' bit of mystery to the tank. ;)


Well done!


Thanks, Dan. Hope you've been well?


It's not actually as overgrown as it looks in the underexposed photo. The masses of fern are a bit misleading. It is very full though. The fish have even started behaving like wild fish. Despite having like 20 neons in there, I rarely see more than 2 a time unless food goes in.

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