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New Wigglers!

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A few weeks back I added the first fish in a long time into QT. A fantail (chosen by the BF), a crowned pearlie, and a celestial. All settled in well and are doing well! I have to get recent pictures of them but here is one from their first day home.


Today I added four more fish into QT, all from the store Mikey works at! I purchased three gorgeous telescope orandas (demirandas? Orandikins? Telerandas? Idk) and my goodness they are cuties. A little black more with one eye made its way home with me as well.

















I'll get some better pictures once everyone has settled in.

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They're adorable! How do you find the tank room?!

My 40gal breeder was completely empty before this so they're being QT'd in there and then I'll move some out to the pond when it's warmer or move them into another tank in the house.

Woo you're right back in it! Congrats! :nana

I almost bought one of the tele orandas a few weeks ago too :teehee

I am! I really wasn't planning on adding anything but the original three but when Mikey showed me those pictures I couldn't say no! I mean I've never seen this type in a store ever, so I couldn't pass it up. If they happen to ever get more in I'll likely buy those as well.

Aw they are so cute!! :D:D Congrats on the new additions :D

Thank you!! In my absence I really developed a fondness for telescoped things it seems lol.

Congratulations on your beautiful Goldfish!!!!

Thank you!! :)

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Yay!! Congrats on the new additions! Can't wait to watch you fatten them up. :teehee

Thank you!! Fattening up fish is my specialty ;)

Sounds like a good plan. Wish I had a pond!

Everyone needs a pond imo! My fish really thrive out there, even thought I'd rather have them inside.

Very cute - last one is fave! Good luck with them. Here's to them all having a long, happy, healthy existence :)

Yea I'm a sucker for one eyed teles too! I hope I have them all for many years, if my current telescopes are any indicator they will live a decent while!

Adorable, all of them. Telescope orandas rock.

Telescope orandas do rock! Especially at a 10.99 price point and not several hundred dollars.

How wonderful! :)

I'm so happy you're back and with both feet in :rockon

Your newbies are adorable! :heart

Thank you! It feels good to be back at it.

Great looking fish! I also love the bowls you shot their pictures in, real traditional!

Thank you! I have a plain bowl as well so you can see finnage better but I really like this one the best.

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