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plants not doing very well


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hello everyone, could do with some advice, i don't seem to be very good at keeping plants alive. In the past i've had anubias, amazon swords and java fern, they seem to do ok for a while and then eventually die off. At the moment all i have in my tank is a few sad looking anubias. A month or two ago they were actually flowering, but now alot of the plants have died off. i have a bare bottom tank so the anubias is tied to rocks and wood, parts of it seem to just rot away though. The amazon swords i had planted in pots with aquarium compost, all the leaves went knackerd over time and again it seemed to rot, again with the java fern, i had them tied to driftwood, all the leaves turned brown. What am i doing wrong?


my new 104  us gallon tank has arrived and i'd love to do an awesome aquascape but i'm worried about spending money for them all to die lol.


ph of my tank is around 8, temperature 22-24 ish, current tank size is 55 gallons


i also found this glue by flourish for supposedly sticking moss and plants to wood and rocks, is it any good? do you think it will help at all? my plants often seem to fall off when i tie them.

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Photos of the plants would really help, I think.

You really don't need 12+ hours of light, 6-8 hours is plenty.

The flourish glue isn't beneficial in any way, it's just Seachem getting in on the glue business. Super glue works just fine too and is much cheaper.

How much fertiliser are you using and how often? Where have the plants come from and for how long approximately did you have them before they started dying?

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