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Eggs Again!


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So they are 14 weeks old now!

Raindrop isn't so  transparent anymore, almost all white now





Here's Firefly





This is Dotty




This is Freckles




And this is Pirate





I have 17 Babies left.


I have 3 30gallon tubs, one has 4 fry in it, the other two have 5 and a 15 gallon tank with 3 fry in it at the moment

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15 Weeks old. Still SO SMALL :( I really want to see some better growth out of these guys. Maybe they need more space. 


Here they all are in one container. I have some sinkers which I think I'm going to have to cull if they don't improve :(








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They're so cute! The flipping gill plates aren't a big deal, but definitely cull for swim bladders and body shape. They may just be genetically small fish - I wouldn't worry about it too much, provided they're otherwise healthy.

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It sure is...I love raising fry but am frustrated that I don't get the growth I see others get...I know I don't need fast growth for them to be healthy but when they look like the size of 2 month olds when they are almost 6 months old it's really frustrating!

I'm also frustrated at how many illnesses I've experienced with this lot...last lot I kept them so crowded and did much less water changes, barely culled at all and although they didn't have good growth and over a year later still max out at 2-3 inches total length they were healthy and didn't experience any illnesses or mass deaths..this lot they've had a ton more space, I culled heavily in the first 1-2 months, they had a lot more water changes so better water quality and I've had problem after problem.

Their mother developed swim bladder problems which I thought was the result of injury, but now I'm wondering if it could have been genetic.


Rants aside I really love little Raindrop. She is my favourite now, along with Dotty who has the fancy body but a single tail. And thankfully they are two of the only three that have never shown any signs of struggling.

My other favourites are all gone...RIP Firefly, Sparkle, Pirate...Think Chopper and Freckle will have to go soon too..



I just prazied everybody nd in Spring time everyone except Raindrop (and possibly Dotty, depending on what size tank I get) will join the pond. Couple months away yet so hopefully I still have some left to join the pond!



I do want to attempt raising fry again, but have decided that if I do get the opportunity I'm only going to keep very few eggs. 10-15 at most.  I want to get this right and feel like I've actually done it properly!

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So 5 Babies left. These 5 have had no health issues so far but there is still one I'm unsure of because of his body shape but it doesn't seem to be affecting him at the moment. If it does look like it is affecting him I'll do what has to be done.


They are 22 weeks old now. And still very tiny. Only about 1 inch total length I'd estimate Maybe 1.5 at most.


This is Raindrop and she is my favourite. She will be the one to stay inside once the others move to the pond





Here's some of the others







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So sorry that you have had such a rough time with this batch of fry. It must be incredibly frustrating. Sending virtual hugs your way!

That said, the pics you posted are adorable. Raindrop is definitely my favorite as well.

I hope these 5 continue to thrive for you and they turn into healthy and happy adults.

Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk

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