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Eggs Again!


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This morning I woke up to find my bedroom buddies going crazy..and eggs everywhere! I pulled out the fake plants with eggs on them but left the ones the glass...I'm so excitedd to have eggs again and hope I can do better than I did last time and raise some nice big healthy babies.













The Parents!






Male is the Pearlie, Female the Tele :)

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:o that was quick!!

Good luck! Excited to see what you get out of this mix!

I really hope i don't see eggs again any time soon. :rofl I know i will keep them with the same thing in mind, doing it better than the last time!

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That's awesome :) did you get any babies from last time at all? They parents are very pretty, looking forward to updates :)

I did! Here is my thread from last time :)




I will continue to use this thread to post progress pictures and updates :D

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This morning I can see eyes in some of the eggs! I have to go off to work now but will get some more pics after work!

Yay eyes already! Can't wait for update pics now I wish k had got pics of some of my fishes eggs from last year :(

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Your fish and water look impeccable. Can you post a wider pic and information on the pond filtration, or post a link if it has been discussed before. Thanks in advance.

These eggs were laid in my tank that is 190 litres with 2 fish and a 1250lph canister filter.


My pond filter I'm not too proud of, in fact I hate it and dont feel like it does enough. Has a 10000lph pump with a canister about 30 litres and really terrible media. I'm hoping to be able to make my own soon...just having trouble deciding what will be best for my setup

Eggs with eyes!




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