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Swim Bladder Issues


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Thanks Helen, no one did anything wrong it seems the fish are just so delicate. Problems do seem to become serious very quickly. Would you like some high end goldfish food?


I have:

2 x 100g Hikari Oranda Gold (one unopened)

1 x 100g Hikari Goldfish Gold (unopened)

1 x 350g Hikari Lionhead (opened)

1 x 90g Hikari Seaweed Extreme - inking pellets (opened)


Free if you think you could use them? I would be happy to post them to you, I will never use them up with one fish. I also plan to continue with gel foods and some duckweed and peas for roughage. At least I will for the for a while, I am starting to lose heart with goldfish keeping. I will see how my last fish fairs and then decide if I want to try more goldfish.

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thanks Tony, i now only feed home made gel food (a variety of it) and the occasional NLS as a treat. you may want to post n forums:







wherever you post what you're offering, i can then link that to the kokos facebook page.

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