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Turning black?

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I got a new Ranchu about a month ago and was drawn to his cute squishy face, and his yellow-gold coloring. He also had some very faint gray going across his back. Now, a month later, the gray is rapidly turning black, and he's getting black streaks on his fins too! I know fish usually LOSE their black rather than gain it, and my tank has 0 ammonia. This really looks like a color change to me. Thoughts? 


First pic is from right when I got him, second is a couple of weeks later, and third is from today. His name is Buttercup :) (I chose the name before I noticed he was a boy haha)






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Looks kinda like the black had been rubbed off in the fist pics and it's just grown back now.

Black pigment sits on top of the scales and can be scrapped off.

I don't believe it will spread any more though and in time could go away Iit he losses the black he has.

Just my two cents.

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Much less common to GAIN black than to lose it, but not unheard of.  One of the most entertaining aspects of goldfish is their potential for color changes.  What you see when you buy them, particularly if they're very young, isn't usually what you get later.  Makes things interesting.


Enjoy!  Most people mourn when their black ranchu turns orange -- you've got the reverse going on, so count yourself lucky. ;)

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See I know that some fish change color while sleeping... I had Convicts that did that to me and scared me to death, thought they where dying.... Im wondering if goldfish loose some colors to stress and then once not stress out the color returns... Just a thought guys :)

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