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Quarantine Advice Needed!

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Hi! I just got a new goldie.

The place he came from was a small overstocked underfiltered uncycled tank.


At least one of the other fish in the tank was unwell...it was claimed that the fish I now have attacked it...there were no shredded fins or missing scales but red splotches all over it...It looked quite unwell to me..I don't know if it was anything contagious or what the water parameters were. But I can post the photos of the 'attacked' fish if you think it will help.



Anyway normally in QT I just salt and prazi...I just wanted to see if there was anything else I should do as a precaution in this case. I've got equipment put aside for use in his tank only. He is currently at 0.1% salt and when I do his WC tonight it will be upped to 0.2. I don't have a spare filter for his tank, only an airstone so I'm planning on 100% daily changes



He is super active and isn't showing any signs of illness at the moment but given his circumstances I just wanted to check. 

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