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Black Telescope Oranda! (Pic Heavy!)


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Here is my new teleranda (That's what I'm calling the breed :rofl) my friend and brother named her Keisha :idont without further ado, here she is!










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I believe it was just a very fluke/parasite infested fish :( she refused to eat one night and was dead the next night.

I did actually get a new fish though :). I believe only subscribers know if they saw the post. Once this fish is feeling 100% I'll be sure to post pictures of her with my DSLR. She's on day 2 of her first prazi round. Doing a 100% water change tomorrow on her tank and continuing with prazi for 7 days and giving a days break and then start again. I'm going to do a total of 3 rounds in QT and 2-3 in the main tank as preventative and as for the fact my guys need some prazi maintnance rounds. So hopefully in 3-4 weeks she'll be in the main tank!

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