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Gel Food for thought?


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Hello again :)

I am seriously impressed by everyone that makes their own gel food! And even more so when they post their awesome tried-and-true recipes here so some of the newbs like myself can get our hands dirty, too. ;)
So, I've been reading just about every gel food recipe I could find on here, and I have a few questions for those of you that have either made up your own recipes or are taking the plunge in making someone else's...
Does anyone ever calculate out the exact proportions of the final nutritional value of their gel foods? I mean, if you get repashy's soilent green, there's a guaranteed analysis on the packaging for percentage of protein, fiber, fat, etc. So my question would really be more of how you judge exactly how much of each food you add and why? Are you aiming for a certain percentage of protein to roughage, to fat, as well? 
Also, could anyone explain to me the difference between "crude protein" and normal "protein" in terms of food labeling? And if this matters, or factors in, when you're making your own gel food? 
If there's anything else those more knowledgeable could add about the how's and why's of certain ingredient choices or ratios in making gel foods for our goldies, I'd really love to learn! For now, I'll continue using the recipes you all have been kind enough to provide for my experimentation. :)
Thank you all!

~ CaliGold ~

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Does anyone ever calculate out the exact proportions of the final nutritional value of their gel foods?


Hi CaliGold,



I don't calculate the final nutritional value. 


I think of my gel food as augmenting high quality commercially available food with "fresh". Since Repashy has done the nutritional balancing work, and most Hikari pellets have added vitamins, I only need to add the fresh peas/edamame or dark greens, and a bit of applesauce and garlic for taste. I do like to add high quality fish oil (like Omega Brite). I tend NOT to add concentrated protein like fresh or canned fish, mainly because my fin-pals live in a pond and eat lots of bug larvae. My gel-food method is outlined here, but it is different every time.  Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions! 



“Crude protein” is actually a chemical analysis of the food whereby the amount of nitrogen present is used to estimate the amount of protein in the food. While nitrogen does come from animal protein, it also comes from non-animal proteins like grains, as well as other non-protein nitrogen (NPN) sources. “Crude protein” includes carcasses and other waste from slaughtered animals, rendered into a “meal.” The word “meal” on a food bag may indicate the inclusion of such ingredients. This certainly helps clean up the floor without having to call the garbage company! Higher quality goldfish and koi food will list whole fish, whole fish meal or an individual fish meal before grains. I grind up freeze-dried krill into powder and mix it into my gel-food.


Check out this list of popular goldfish food ingredients, and their order.

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To simplify, "crude protein" on a label represents the amount of protein calculated from the measured amount of nitrogen in the food.  It assumes all nitrogen in the food is in protein.  Fish foods use similar ingredients.   The comparison of the crude protein content in two different fish foods probably resembles that of actual protein.  In fish food, the crude protein content comes fairly close to the actual protein content, since a high percentage of the nitrogen in fish food comes from protein.  


To determine the nutrient content of homemade food you need to:


1. measure the amount of each food component

2. look up the nutrient content of each food component

3. calculate the amount of each nutrient in each food component

4. add up the amount of each nutrient from all the components.


Please read this article if you want to make your own food.

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Thank you both for the good info! For now I'm definitely still sticking with other people's recipes, I'm nowhere near experienced enough to come up with my own yet. :D I was just curious how some people came up with their ratios and ingredient lists.


I'd like both of your posts, but apparently I've "already reached my quota"? Hehe, shows I'm still a newb to this forum. No big deal though :) Thanks again!

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