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My cute little fantails (lots of pics)


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Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another update!



Turns out that the scales Aragorn lost a while ago have long since regrown... I just hadn't realized it because the scales that grew back are matte! I know that (similarly to pearlscales growing back scales without the bump) metallic goldfish can grow back matte scales, I just hadn't realized that they'd all regrown because it's harder to see the matte scales compared to metallic ones. 



Sweet little Boromir is getting bigger and bigger! I find his layers of color so interesting, too, especially as he's getting bigger and the patterns keep getting more complicated as they grow with him. He's definitely been easier to photograph this week, too... maybe those extra grams are slowing him down. ;)



I contemplated how well-suited my two little boys are to our home this week, too though. I mean, they don't make much noise, they take up (comparatively to a larger animal) very little room in the apartment, and they don't need to be taken on walks regularly. Actually, I think I do technically take them on walks when I go around the tank taking photos and they follow me to whatever side I'm on... but really, they just fit well here. :)



Oh, and remember all those photos of Boromir raising his voice toward Aragorn? My big orange boy is taking a stand, and he's not gonna take it!



Whether they're singing or screaming, or just trying to eat invisible treats in the tank, goldfish sure look funny mid-gulp!



And it doesn't matter how gorgeous they look while they're swimming or moseying around, they're just silly-looking when they vacuum up food and sand.



Speaking of food... I've been letting some algae grow on the plastic plant I have in the aquarium, and both fishies just looooove nibbling on it as a snack between meals. I don't mind letting it grow a little, as it's not bad for the fish and gives them something to do during the day. :)



I think Boromir is picking up some modelling tricks from Aragorn :)



Alright, some fancy photos of the boys and then I'm done for today, promise. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons I love a simple back background and a sparsely decorated tank. Not only is it easier to clean, but I have a better chance at getting photos of the fish on a plain black background without any distracting background decorations. All the focus is on the fish, as if it is a priceless piece of art. Which, of course, they are to me. Living art. :)



Not to say that a change in background isn't interesting sometimes... The green brings out the deeper red-orange of Boromir's side, I think. It's a lovely contrast.



Alright, thank you for stopping by and seeing my marvelous little companions :)


Have a lovely day!



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