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New Fish x5

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I went to the pet shop planning to look at the shubunkins and maybe get 2-3 for when my new pond is set up (It's here...just need to get it in place and fill it, and figured tht would be done by the time their QT period was over :P

I ended up with 5 fish!

Two Shubunkins and a White comet for the pond.


And then there were the two I had no intention of getting...I had no intention of getting any more fish for my tank yet..even though I have room for twwo more fish in there...I was waiting until next year...but...


There was  a CALICO TELESCOPE. I've been looking for a calico telescope for SO LONG. I saw him when I was looking at the shubunkins and immediately asked for him. I could NOT pass that up.


Then while the lady was bagging the shubunkins and comet..I saw this adorable little fantail...he immediately caught my heart because he had only one eye...I tried to talk myself out of it..."You wanted all calicos in your tank.." But he just tugged at me too much..I have such a soft spot for imperfections like that..especially missing eyes after my lovely one eyed Google Passed earlier this year...I debated in my head as she bagged the others...but caved and asked for him as well. And I'm so glad I did..he is already pretty friendly and super active!


I was also really super impressed with the employee at the pet shop..she was only new and she was GREAT. She asked how long my tank had been running to make sure it was cycled...asked how big it was...I told her I have  600 litre tank,a 600 litre pond and a 1500 litre pond that are all understocked...and she was like "OH thats great! I'm so tired of people coming in and wanting to buy a ton of fish for a 30 litre tank..I wont sell to them"


Anyway I know you didn't come here to read a wall of text...so here is what you came here for :P




















Sorry they aren't very good photos! I always find photographing in QT so hard :rofl Also please excuse my hair in some of the pics..its falling out everywhere lately lol

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LOVE  their names, and their cute little scaled bodies!!! Soo cute and such a great find!!! Esp Treasure!!!


Now... when they coming to visit their Aunty Ree to stay??? :teehee

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I think you should get Sherlock a Watson...Congrats on your new fish!

There is a Watson there! Up the top

Uups! Thought was faster than eye. Elementary!

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I love them all, Mandy!!! :clapping:

The white one is really something. I would have snatched her up myself. [emoji813]

I'm so happy you finally got your calico tele!!!

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Thanks Jen! I' so excited. lol Albie seems to be the leader..she was in a different tank to the rest of them at the shop but they all follow her - wherever she goes they all go :rofl


I have them in a big 120L Tub now so there is room for all of them so Ill only be able to get pics from above..can't wait to get Buddy and Treasure in my tank though!




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