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Which filter should I get? 10 gallon tank.


Which filter?  

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  1. 1. What filter should I get?

    • Aqueon Quiet flow 10
    • Aqueon quiet flow 20
    • Aqua Clear 20
    • Tetra whisper EX20
    • Tetra whisper pf10
    • Api superclean 5-20
    • Other (post!)

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I think the filters still just as noisy.  But haven't been bothered by it in my bedroom.  It's also sort of right next to my fridge so when that kicked on you cant hear it.

Some of the plants still look a little iffy, hope they recover well.  They were a disaster of algae in the Aqueon Evolve tank.  Crappy flow and just bleh it was all 1 giant cloud of nasty in there.  So hopefully with this fluorescent things can hang in there until the LED I ordered shows up.
I have a bunch of pumpkin shrimp ordered too!

They will show up in the new year. Very excited. 

Still want to give it a few more days before I put the betta in.  I'm still worried about the plants coming to life and doing the nasty algae thing again. 

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So I put Shark Bait in the tank the other day and he was less then pleased.  Current kinda blew him around and what not.  But I couldn't get over the noise!!! When I put my ear to the tank it was HORRIBLE!!!!! No way any fish or shrimp would stay sane in that kind of environment.

Anyway Shark Bait was put back in his bucket after a few hours in the tank, he is MUCH happier now. 

I took the QuietFlow filter back today.  They STILL didn't have any AquaClear 20's, so I grabbed a API Superclean PF 5-20.  Cartridges from Marineland and Tetra fit in this filter no problem.  (The girl at petsmart was giving me weird looks but I wasn't leaving with out trying to see if other brands fit inside) So I can order replacement cartridges through my mother much cheaper :)
AND ITS SILENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sound of the water echos a little when the filters lid is on (like I can hear it when my ear is within 6" of the filter) but otherwise its quiet!!!!!!!!!!!


And the flow is adjustable so I can see what suits Shark Bait the best.
I don't like how there are so many pieces for the intake pipe, but the ability to surface skim is nice.  I pulled that piece off for now until I have a way to "block" it so baby shrimps don't get sucked in. 
I will have to notch out a spot in my hood for the intake pipe, the aqueon didn't fit very will, the pipe on this one is a bit more bulky I guess so my hood wont fit on at all.  (Darn rimless tanks) I honestly don't think any filter would have fit properly except the Marina Slim my friend had with it. 
Otherwise for the 5 minutes I've been running the API filter, I am very happy :D :D :D

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I know its an old thread but I am a huge fan of sponge filters run by air pump.  No issues with flow like some canister, HOB, or internal filters can have for bettas.  If its too noisy for you you can mod it to put an air stone in the core to make bubbles smaller and thus quieter.

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