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Honeys Accident (Graphic-ish image)


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So a little while ago (about 2-3 weeks) my Honey had an accident out in the pond. 

To explain: I have my pump in a box to prevent things like the hose coming undone and draining the pond completely or my plants getting sucked into the pump. Unfortunately the lid came off of the box! While I was checking on the fish I couldn't find honey anywhere, it was then I noticed the lid was lifted off of the box..I looked inside and found Honey stuck to the pump!

There is very little space in the box and the lid was still partly on so I'm assuming she got in there and couldn't figure out how to get back out and ended up exhausted and thats when she got stuck.

I removed her from the pump and she swam away and looked a bit freaked out but not too bad. Her fins looked beat up and I could tell she had lost quite a few scales but she looked good in general so I let her be. I probably would have bought her in if I didn't already have two QTs running but I just kept a close eye on her.


She remained active and acting like her normal self but a few days later i could clearly see the full extent of her injuries so I bought her inside and put her in a QT with 0.1% salt. I also swabbed the affected area with betadine (I would have never thought of that if it wasn't for the advice of a wonderful person ;))


The Salt, super clean water and the single betadine swab did a marvellous job and now she is looking great. I don't have photos from when it first happened but here are photos from when I bought her inside to today










I just wanted to share my experience, to hopefully assure others that sometimes injuries can look really nasty but heal up well! These guys can be tough.


(Also I wasn't sure was section to put this in so move if needed!)

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Great job getting her fixed up! It's surprising the way they heal, i don't think i quite understood it until i saw it myself with a similar injury.

She sure is pretty!

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