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Why does this always happen to my bettas?


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Every Betta I've had has ended up with ragged fins...and their fins end up smaller and smaller until there is nothing left and they end up pineconing and then dying. I just can't figure out where I'm going wrong. Now Solomons fins are tatty as well and getting worse. I really don't want to see him go the same way as my other bettas.


I can't find the form for the tropical fish section, I remember it been slightly different to the goldie section, so forgive me if I miss anything


Tank Ammonia: 0

Tank Nitrite: 0

Tank Nitrate: 0

Tank PH 7.6


Tap Ammonia: 0

Tap Nitrite: 0

Tap Nitrate: 0

Tap PH 7.6


Water Temp: My thermometer is dead but there is a heater set at 24 and it normally stays around that.


Tank Size: 30 Litres - Running for approx 5 Months, seeded with media from my goldie tank.


Filter: A HOB That does 100LPH. It was rated for a 40 L tank but I don't feel like it's doing enough. I was worried about adding too much flow for him.


Tank Inhabitants: One Betta, a Bunch of snails that hitch-hiked on plants and survived the PP


Behaviour: Normal


Food: NLS 0.5mm Pellets

Waterchanges: 25% Every week, Last Water Change was 1 Week ago (Due today)


Additives: Prime


Tank Treatments: He has had 3 rounds of Prazi-Pro


Meds on Hand: Tri Sulfa, Metronidazole, Oxytetracycline, Colloidal Silver, Yellow Powder, Melafix, Salt

Physical Symptoms: Raggedy, Torn looking fins





Okay so I'm really frustrated with this. The tank has a ton of plants so I barely ever get nitrate. I've never got an ammonia or nitrite reading on it either. 


The same thing has happened with every betta I've owned. The parameters come back perfect but they have this 'fin rot' I'm actually beyond frustrated with it. I've changed tanks, started everything fresh between bettas...nothing I do seems to make any difference. Since getting Solomon I've made sure to be religious in his WCs because I was so worried about this happening but it's still happening.



This was him when I got him - Beginning of August



This was the End of October



This was Mid November





This was last week




This is Today






Full Tank Shot



I tried the prazi to see if that helped, and I've done a silver dip a few weeks ago too. I'm really hesitant about using salt because every time I've used salt on a betta they have ended up pineconing but I just want this to stop! I'm at my wits end. If needed I can try and dig out photos of my old bettas and their tanks


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My bettas also tend to wind up with slightly frayed fins for some reason too, but never thin/torn/diseased.  They tend to mend and then fray again.  I don't know.  But my bettas also seem to live on just fine this way for several years.


I will follow this thread as well to see if there is something I am missing.  I'd love to be able to maintain that perfect fin as well.


That being said.... WOW!  Great photos.  Great planted tank.  Holy cow.  I gotta ask- please, what camera/lens/settings?


Side note- I was just looking at one of the iPhones and the in store screen saver is of these beautiful bettas that they use to show their retina displays or whatever it is.  Almost makes me what that phone because of it.  LOL.  But they could basically just use your photos too!

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Looks like fin biting.

Longer finned bettas are much more likely to nip. 100 different reasons ranging from boredom to their just too heavy and annoying.

Too many people mistake biting for other issues. Its actually super common in bettas.

Dont worry about salt or prazi at this point. Keep your tank clean and well maintained so he doesnt get a secondary infection.

Make sure theres nothing sharp in the tank he can catch his fins on.

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Is there anything I can do to help stop him biting? I thought it was biting when it started but as his fins looked worse and worse I got more worried.


As for the photos, thank you! My settlings depend on the lighting currently in the room..sometimes I gets lazy and just use the auto settings. Today I had the flash on, ISO Auto TV1/250 AV Auto, White Balance: Flash

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They look worse because he keeps doing it. Its almost neurotic for some.

You could add those shrimp discussed in your other topic and see if he tries to chase them. Might provide some type of entertainment and distraction? Hahah

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I haven't had a topic about shrimp but I had been thinking about adding some :P



There is barely any current at the moment so I don't think its the current making him do it. 

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everyones been asking about shrimp lately haha

But thats an option.

Cherry or something easy to care for would do great in that tank.

Its heavyily planted enough they have room to hide.

And he might think their fun to chase which is a good distraction.

Some no matter what theres nothing you can do.

My 1 dude Red has a huge full tail and he has never nipped it. But i had one previously whos tail was pretty pathetic after nipping.

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Your tank is just gorgeous! And Solomon is a really neat betta, I hope you get to the bottom of this.


I haven't had fin biting, but have heard it's pretty common in bettas; all your parameters look great, so maybe he *is* bored? How often do you change the plants around, & have you thought about trying him with some shrimp or some betta friendly small fish? I am prone to rearranging my tank about once a month (my plants get too big, & I prune them or pull some out, or just want to try something new), & I do have other fish with him. I got my Cee's buddies before I realized the tank size wasn't optimal for the stocking I've got (I do keep nitrate 15-20 max), but he does have 5 cory cats with him - I may have to eventually get him a bigger tank. My betta does seem vastly entertained by his little tank mates, though - he follows them around a lot, likes to see what they're up to, & sometimes swipes food wafers from them. 



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Haha there has been a few shrimp threads lately.


I think I will try some shrimp. How do you go about QTing them? 


I like the idea of trying other fish but I don't think my tank is big enough for that


Oh and I move the plants that are on driftwood around at most WCs, the others are in the substrate so I leave them where they are

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Ive never qtd shrimp hahaha.

Just acclimated them slowly then dumped them right in.

Depends where you get them from too IMO. Petco with a bunch of other fish in the tank that are covered in ich? Or an independant fish store that breeds them on their own and its a single tank not plumbed into any others.

Most people dont bother qting shrimp.

Otherwise a seperate tank for 2 weeks? Good enough. They dont handle salt or meds. Treat them like qting a snail. Most people just let them "rinse" old tank water out of their system then dump them in the new tank.

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