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Finally pics of my DO fish


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I'm using Jujubes' 20L for their qt, So far, so good.

One will definitely be named Razzles, the other may be 'Skittles', but I'm not sure yet.  :hummm



 Other side:






What? Everyone poops, even YOU!



Together, 20L qt



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omg! I love them!!! :clapping:

I knew the first one you were getting, even before you announced it :lol2 but I never even knew what type the second one would be!


Ee! Congrats! :pease:

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Adorable Ingots.  How about Razzle and Dazzle ?   :)

That's cute!  :thumb: But, I'm trying to stick with candyish names. The only one who is a little off is Toasted Marshmallow Fluff(ECR) :lol2 I can qualify that as a flavor though, right?  :peeka

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Have you had a Jelly Bean yet? I feel like that's cute for an oranda. 

Not yet! I've been saving that for a black chu. :whisper

Hmmmm....Jelly Belly is a brand of jelly beans and some are 'calico'. :hummm

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