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My 15 gal planted tank.


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Hi everyone! Here are shots of my 15 gal planted. I have so much plants i dont recall their names anymore. Tank has pressurized co2 and diy led light. I dose the full line of seachem ferts. It has neon tetras platties rasboras, otos, amano shrimps and red cherry shrimps5225ac9f082cf4d1d54bb47405e45c2a.jpg97d9c579228f9ebb897b875f634842fc.jpge7d2185b6e3161f6e113b40beab62fdd.jpg028b056a349e4174332655fdc3f3c203.jpg24026cb978501fb5f08e445457d34d59.jpg

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Lovely! :D

Hygrophila pinnatifida is one of my favourites; good choice!

Thank you dan. Since you reminded me of the name i think inrecalled some of them.

Pogostemon erectus, hygrophilia pinnatifida, ludwigia glandulosa, tonina sp belem, mini reinickii, HC, staurogyn repens, ludwigia red rubin, anubias nana petite, ammania sp bonsai.

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