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White Button Eye and Blue Ranchu in need of loving new home


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Hello everyone,


It's with a heavy heart that I'm reaching out to see if anyone would be able to give a loving new home to my 2 fancies.

We are moving house and it's just not possible to take them with us unfortunately.

I'm desperate that they go to someone who will love them and take care of them - if that's you, please get in touch!


One beautiful white Button Eye, slightly calico I guess as there is some orange and the odd bit of black. Big and healthy with a great appetite (spits water at me when I'm late with feeding!) Very sweet natured fish - I call 'him' Loki.


One gorgeous little Blue Ranchu, absolutely beautiful little fish. Much smaller than the Button Eye but holds his own, I call him Blu. He hand feeds, has a great appetite and the most beautiful little face. He is a real little cutie and a stunning blue/gold colour.


Both about 18 months old. 


Both lovely and healthy, never had a problem with them. Can give you all the food I have for them too.


I live in the East London area, collection only.


Please get in touch if interested.





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Here are some photos of the little cuties.

Is anyone interested in taking them? They really are sweet little fish and I really want them to go somewhere they will be loved and looked after. I'm so sad to part with them but its with their best interests at heart. 

They are seriously cute and have lovely little personalities.










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